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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  December 3, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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last wednesday, just east of creighton. the pursuit lasted about 20 minutes and eventually they box in the vehicle. and taste of the driver, who allegedly struggled with sheriff's deputies. wilson walker is live, in sonoma county with this strange, and tragic case. wilson? >> reporter: can, there are dozens of people filing into the bluefield firehouse behind me to talk about the incident that unfolded on this very street one week ago. as you said, it is sort of a bizarre, tangled story of a man who dies in custody after a confrontation with police, driving a car he had reported stolen. a car number that was his car. >> a deputy had attempted to make a car stop on the vehicle reported stolen. that stop ultimately turned into a suit. >> reporter: asserted a bloomfield emory and stretched over country roads for about 4 1/2 miles >> the pursuit lasted approximately seven minutes, it
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reached speed over 70 miles an hour. >> reporter: when and in bloomfield, david glenn ward struggled with officers who tried to forcibly remove him from the car. >> including the use of a taser, of a restraint and some personal body weapons which are arms and legs and hands. ultimately, once the driver was removed from the vehicle, they noticed that he was unconscious and he had stopped breathing at one point. >> reporter: he was pronounced dead at petaluma valley hospital. the car he was driving was, in fact, his car which he had previously reported as stolen. >> it looks like at some point he had gone out and recovered his vehicle i was driving his vehicle. >> reporter: he was clearly trying to drive his vehicle home, he lived in just one street over from where he was ultimately stopped. >> lived in the house for a long time. >> 45 years probably. >> reporter: neighbor roger kramer said that ward kept to himself and do not cause any trouble but lived with the home he lived in for so long have
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become a source of problems for some neighbors including one recent visit by sheriff's deputies. >> yes, about a month and a half ago there was like five or six sheriff's cars here. like a saturday afternoon, a helicopter flying around and circling the place. i think this is going to be one of the subjects of what happened. >> just in general what is going on, there have been burglaries in town. >> reporter: a couple neighbors had described this as a neighborhood watch meeting but now, there is this added question as to the circumstances surrounding the death here last week. i spoke with the man's mother. she did not want to speak on camera but described him, admittedly as a troubled man who had a bunch of physical problems as well. she thinks it would have prevented him from putting up any kind of significant struggle with police. >> who is investigating the death? that is the santa rosa police department. they have taken over the investigation and will be investigating what happened.
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>> reporter:, eventually we may learn more about the specifics of it. and how this all came to be. as you have said, a bizarre story. we are live you're in bloomfield, wilson walker kpix 5. tonight, kamala harris has become the most high profile candidate yet to drop out of the presidential race. her campaign started with a bang in oakland with more than 20,000 people showing up to her january kickoff rally. her performance in the first debate in june earned her a boost in the polls. and in fundraising but, by november money and support were running out. she shut down several campaign offices last month for calling it quits today. harris had qualified for this month's democratic debate. her departure leaves half a dozen candidates on stage joe biden, pete buttigieg, amy klobuchar, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, and california's tom steyer. devin fehely is live in san francisco with more on how harris got here, and where she now goes from here devon?
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>> reporter: after rolling out a near seamless announcement of her candidacy, her campaign has stumbled and stumbled mightily in recent weeks and months. she has lost money, and momentum struggled to find a clear and consistent message. all admits reports of rnal strife. >> kamala harris, for the people. >> reporter: the energy, enthusiasm and attention from the early days of senator harris' candidacy has become a recently a campaign falling in the polls and reportedly falling apart from the inside out. >> the disarray of her campaign, as reported does hurt her. because, at the end of the day the candidate's campaign is the responsibility of the candidates. >> that little girl was me. >> reporter: senator here is a challenge of vice president biden's record on desegregation and busing was perhaps the high watermark of her campaign demonstrating her toughness, and highlighting how her her l stanceand career. but, her campaign stars struggled to capitalize on the
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moment. >> everybody expects the next time out it would be a second hit. >> she doesn't seem to be able to articulate a clear vision for why she should be president. >> at the oakland office of her campaign there were still signs of what senator harris thought would be her path to the presidency. reminders of volunteers about early voting states, iowa, new hampshire and california. although, the candidate would ultimately call it quits before the first vote was cast. >> we are enthusiastic professionals and happen to have sterling candidates, so there's no misgiving about why we are here, we are here because we love her and we think she can leave the country >> reporter: in the short term she goes right back to the seat in the senate which is an opportunity to showcase her skills as a prosecutor and a likely impeachment trial. am i leaving now she also leaves open the door to be a possible vp candidate. in san francisco, devin fehely,
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kpix 5. her husband follow the news with his affectionate tweezing ", i've got you, as always.". trips to a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza right now where, for the most part, the rain has tapered off a bit, but come tomorrow morning, there will be on and off rain during your commute. promise. mary lee joins us now with those details. >> that is right, tracking all of this active weather for you. scattered showers in high definition doppler. but just wait because tomorrow morning it will be a wet start, for sure. let's show you other locations getting that wet weather with occidental down towards dillon beach. checking rainfall rates at this hour. you can see, about 65, 6500s of an inch per hour that is moderate rainfall there. as we go down from inverness, looking at some light to moderate rain, showers pushing across force knowles and widening this out, it's putting
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this into motion. looking at the rain pushing from the south to north. i will show you our commute cast which you can expect tomorrow morning for that morning commute coming up thank you for that, taking the kids to school, going to work. remember kpix 5 has you covered as we monitor the active weather throughout the week. and you can always find updated forecast on and, our new streaming service, cbsn bay area. it is rush hour. right about now, countless bay area drivers are stuck in paralyzing traffic. others are lucky. they are speeding right along in silicon valley. kiet do is along highway 237 where the express lane success story. tell us all about it. >> reporter: cities express lanes on highway 237 where the most congested freeways in the bay area went into effect 18 days ago. and, traffic engineers have crunched the data and they say a solo driver in the express
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lane going the entire seven mile stretsave up 20 minutes we are in the heart of the evening commute. as you can see the carpool lane, now known as the express lane, is moving. jody hayes who lives and works off 237 and travels in every day noticed a difference right away. arriving from san jose to fremont. >> reporter: how much time did save you? >>, be a good bet, 10-50 minutes. >> reporter: to recap, buses and carpoolers with two or more passengers can go in the express lane for free, solo drivers with qualifying clean- air vehicles and a valid str get a 50% discount. solo drivers pay the full rate. jody was carpooling, so he went for free and save a good chunk of time. he would attend 15 minutes worth to you? >> a lot, time is valuable. >> reporter: we also got our first look at the express lanes operation center which is staffed from 5 a.m.-8 p.m. every day. drivers who go in the express lane must use the new
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transponders with a toggle switch to indicate how many passengers are in the vehicle. the sensors then read that signal and flashes the corresponding number so that chp officers can double check. if you do not have a transponder, and the series of video cameras will capture your license plate, calculate the distance to travel, how much you owe and then send you the bill with a $25 penalty. >> we are offering time for people to get used to this new role. we will allow folks to pay the toll that they do owe, because they used the lane, but we will waive the fee. >> this is a choice, you don't have to use the lane, but if they choose to it's because the time is worth money. >> reporter: so, that grace. what a way of the $25 fine, that will not last forever so, go out and get that transponder. by the way, if you want to know how much it cost because you want to pay to go the whole seven mile stretch, they say the most anyone has paid is a seven dollars. they believe they can go as high as nine dollars. that all adds up in the first
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year the estimate they will generate $3 million in revenue, just on highway 237 alone. live in san jose, kiddo. still ahead on kpix 5 and cbsn bay area. classes at one school taught in two languages, where the principal says the program is more than just about being bilingual. plus, a truck smashes through a jewelry store and the brazen heist is caught on camera. to forget we are streaming right now on cbsn bay area. you can find us on , the cbs news app or on your favorite platform. in
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nude at 6, marin county school has taken an unconventional approach to bilingual education. and the results have been pretty remarkable. john ramus has more on the program that is the first of its kind in the area. >> reporter: the discussion about bilingual education has always been about how to teach english to spanish speaking
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kids. but at lynnwood elementary they have completely flipped that script. about half the kids in jasmine's subtle second grade class came to the school speaking only spanish. but, instead of forcing them to study in english the school has taken an opposite approach. >> [ foreign language ]. >> reporter: it is becoming a language immersive school for only spanish is spoken about 90% of the time >> when they leave us the goal is to be bilingual and bi- literate, which gives them some more advantages and the world. >> reporter: the program began last year with kindergarten through first grade. seven-year-old sienna fort lee admits it was a little confusing at first. but, she was able to learn the language with amazing ease. >> i know exactly what she's saying. and i don't have to really think about what she's saying. >> is just natural, you just understand it now? >> yeah. >> reporter: with help from each other everyone is learning
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two languages at the same time. willie maranda used to know only spanish but now speaks english like a champ and understand how important that will be for his future. >> if i go to another place i could speak to someone else. and it would be much easier for me to understand what the other person is saying. >> reporter: lynnwood is a public school and attending it is optional. but serene barrett says that she feels sorry for parents who opted out, especially because her two students are picking up the language so easily. >> i think it is their younger brains absorb everything better than us. they pick it up so quick. >> reporter: as our society becomes ever more diverse the ability to speak other languages may become as viable as reading, writing, and arithmetic. john ramus, kpix 5. a pair of brazen thieves slammed through a jewelry store and was all caught on video, take a look at two used a stolen truck to slam to the storefront in los altos then, they scramble to smash display
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cases and escape with an undisclosed amount of merchandise. police say the smash and grab burglary took place at marcel jewelry design at 2:30 a.m. on monday. police say the suspects left the truck behind and fled in another vehicle the owner said this is the third break in malia standing by with the forecast we are looking a pretty wet commute in the morning? that is right and deftly give yourself extra time because it does look wet, to start off the day. i was either commute cast coming up here is high definition doppler. scattered showers, especially over the north bay. it is pouring right now so scattered showers as we head through tonight. increasing rain as we go through the overnight hours into tomorrow. here is a live look at the sales force tower camera. you can see the clouds in the sky, temperatures mid to upper 50s to about 60 degrees. here is satellite and radar, this low-pressure system is keeping us unsettled. that is why we have the
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scattered showers the low will push inland and we are going to start off the day tomorrow weather. u futurecast, timing it all out for you, here we are at 7 a.m. tomorrow. you can see the rain pushing in. especially the best chance of rain in the south bay. san francisco, down to san jose, morgan hill looking at scattered showers late in the morning and early afternoon. catching a bit of a break late wednesday into thursday. mainly dry but a few showers po fyour thursday. but the big storm system will arrive before friday bringing the rain, and the wind. let's give you a closer look at the commute tomorrow morning. you can see for the south bay, from san jose and campbell, 280 to cupertino is going to be a wet start this is your commute cast at 5 a.m.. for the east bay we go from fremont, union city, hayward, 588 up through oakland it'll be raining up in alameda and stopping this at any of your commute cast for san francisco, it'll be wet over the bay
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bridge into the east bay. so, i start to your wednesday. your weather headlines, showers will increase later tonight a wet start for tomorrow on wednesday. looking an afternoon shower chances, mainly dry though on thursday with just a few showers. but, we are going to see heavy rain, strong winds, isolated thunderstorms with the next cold front on friday. overnight lows in the upper 40s to low 50s for those overnight lows and then highs topping out in the upper 50s to about 60. seasonal daytime highs. "the extended forecast again. a break on thursday but really watching friday's a storm system this'll be a powerful cold front, bringing the rain, the wind and the sierras now dennis? it is the season, could a 49er assistant replace him? second time in a year for our bay area football family. her tragic story, next. cbs evening news is coming
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up next. >> norah o'donnell is here with a preview. tonight on the cbs evening news a story about the power of positivity. he will tell you about one special teacher who never gives up, and always shows up that story, and much more tonight on the cbs evening news.
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we begin with rough news. a former raider, george atkinson the third passed away. the cause of death is unknown. but, it comes nearly one year after his twin brother, josh, committed suicide on christmas day. george atkinson the third spent part of the 2014 season and in several training camps with the raiders after he and his brother played at notre dame. a tragic ending for two brothers that were so close, as we learned back in 2010 when they were seniors at granada high school in livermore. >> mall was beating him in that, ncaa, always beating him at that. >> nope. >> he wishes.
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>> he is somebody who looks up to me all the time and i try to be the beta role model. >> i came out first and he's going to be like me. last friday marked the first birthday for george since he lost his brother he admitted he was initially in a dark place but, edited his two-year- old daughter for keeping him motivated. george atkinson the third was only 27 years old. the seahawks scored 27 points in the second half last night, and held off a late comeback by the vikings who improved to 10- 2 and take the lead in the nfc west and that means the 49ers dropped from the top seat to the fifth, despite having 10 wins. the panthers fired head coach and former cal linebacker ron rivera after nine seasons and a super bowl appearance in 2016. 49ers defensive coordinator is already being mentioned as a possible replacement. baseball. the a's side reliever jake medicament to a two-year deal
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reportedly worth 7 1/2 million dollars. >> goodnight, that is a huge fish. it is fishing season somewhere. catch of the day goes to a bar and his two buddies. they recently pulled out a of salmon weigh between 14-22 pounds. this is just outside. >> i will call those in still ahead. >> still ahead salmon okay. i'm going with it. >> what is the max there that you can fish? >> no big >> the legal limit. >> two. >> look at that. >> that is ken bastida on the right-hand with a marlin. when did you catch that? >> that was done in cabo san lucas. >> that is great. what do they drink in there, too? >> i had milk that day. catch of the day, will be right back.
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medicare supplement plan. call today for a free guide. ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: breaking news tonight: the president accused of abusing his power. house democrats release a scathing report asserting he sought to undermine the integrity of the u.s. presidential election by soliciting foreign interference. and tonight, congress votes. what it means for the president's future. the world stage. as trouble looms at home, the president storms london greeting the queen and sparring with his nato allies. >> they have to shape up. otherwise, things are going to get very tough. >> o'donnell: out of the race-- kamala harris ends her presidential campaign. tonight, why she blames her rivals' deep pockets. >> i'm not a billionaire. i can't fund my own campaign. >> o'donnell: another school lockdown. for the second time in two days an officer shoots an armed student at a wisconsin high school.


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